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A Life Not Quite Like The Movies

First lesson this blog has taught me… It doesn’t take any time at all to have your first, “I like you so much I don’t know how to think”, blooper. I think we all have that one person in our lives that we like to the point where we just embarrass ourselves at every turn. I know I do. There’s comes that point where they ask you to do something (even something small), that you know you would never on Earth do for anyone else. After you agree to do it, you want to slap yourself and say, “what the Hell are you doing? You look so desperate!” The second you agree to do it, you are left wanting to take back every word that came out of your mouth, or that went out across your iPhone.

Now, most, if not all, would say that I am over-thinking this situation. It’s not that big of a deal to do something for someone that you like. I would say to those people, “you are absolutely right.” I over-think absolutely EVERYTHING, but that’s another part of what makes me who I am.

Let me tell you a little story to explain how the smallest favor can turn in to an embarrassing moment. There’s this guy I like. He’s awesome. He’s funny, smart, kind, super cute, and everything else I have ever wanted in guy. There is only one little problem. I am a hell of a lot more into him than he is to me. Do I think he likes me just a little? Yeah, I think so, but not in the way I wish he did. With that bit of background, I can now put everything together.

The night I started the idea of this blog I was up until all hours of the night, just thinking of different things I could talk about. I had been texting back and forth with the guy I like, earlier, but we had since stopped. At almost 2:00am he texts me to tell me he got off from work early (he works late hours). So me, being oh so slick, I ask him if he wants to come hang out and hear about this new blog I am going to start (there is a point in this story where this becomes ironic). He tells me he has to leave for the airport at 7:00am, which is in just a few hours. Then he says something that I am not expecting, he tells me I can come to his place.

This is when I think my heart stops. Until this point, we have only ever hung out at my place. I had once picked him up and dropped him off at his place, but we had never just spent time at his place. So, even though it was 2 in the morning, and I would never go to just anyone’s house at this time, I get up, get dressed, and head over to his place. I know you are probably thinking, “what a stupid woman, that is a classic booty call.” I will defend myself at this point by saying that our relationship is not of that nature. Anyway, I go over there and talk to him while he packs for the airport. While I am there I offer to take him to the airport. I would have offered for any friend, since I was already there, but I won’t lie that the thought of dropping him off at the airport had a romantic connotation in my mind. I imagine dropping him off and he looks into my eyes before he hugs be goodbye, and realizes at that very moment that he loves me and the thought of leaving me leads him to shed one single tear. Yeah, those are the kinds of things I think about.  After he was all packed, we cuddle for about 15 minutes then head out.

If you knew this guy, it would come as no surprise to you that we are running late. We jump into my car, and I notice that I am low on gas, but not so low that we won’t make it to the airport. I decide that I will let him drive because I don’t want it to be my fault if we are late. He puts the pedal to the metal and we get to the airport just in time. We hug and kiss on the cheek and off he goes.  I get back in my car, so pleased to have had a semblance of a romantic moment, and I drive about 3 miles. Then it happens, no, he doesn’t come running after me to confess his love, my car runs out of gas. Seriously, I run completely out of gas. Here I am at the airport in a 40MPH lane on a hill, (meaning I can’t possibly push my car out of harms way). I put on my hazard lights, and my seat belt, in case someone rams into the back of me, and try to figure out how I am going to get gas.

After many attempts to call airport security, and other tow companies, I decided to call a friend of mine who was awesome enough to get up on his day off, since it is now only 6am, and bring me gas. After about an hour, two nice gentlemen come and push my car out of harms ways, and a half an hour after that, my friend shows up with gas.

During all of this I am texting the boy that I like, and he seems genuinely concerned, but what can he do, he’s getting on a flight. In hind sight, I think I should have never told him about it, because it’s embarrassing. How can a guy ever take a girl seriously who can’t even fill up her own gas tank?  Things like that only happen to me, I swear. Here I am reveling in my romantic airport movie scene, and my car runs out of gas. Bloopers happen to me on a daily basis.

Here are the lessons I learned. First of all, when someone you like asks you to come over, you can do so, as long as you have a full tank. Second, I learned that there are those friends that no matter what, when you need them, they come to your rescue, and they are better to have around than any crush you could ever have. Finally, I learned that no matter how hard I may try, my life is not a romantic movie where things are just super duper adorable. But, I have come to find that I am okay with that.

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